Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Balance!

Well yet another week has gone by and i still haven't been able to get my shit together it's like a bloody roller coaster i tell you one minute you feel like you are ready to conquer and then the next your stuffing your face to make you happy ... does it make you happy.... NO!!!! Its a horrible circle that i'm struggling to cope with but I'm trying to take each day as it comes.

I'm starting my week with eating clean and not so much counting my numbers i have dieted long enough to know what portion sizes should look like and how much protein, carbs and fat are in what i eat, I'm doing this so i feel like I'm not on a "diet" anymore, cause really I'm not dieting anymore I'm wanting to eat to be fit healthy and find a balance for where my body wants to sit at a healthy weight range and try keep body fat down! Small steps are the key!

I like how i feel mentally, and physically when i eat this way, unfortunately i continue to tell myself I'm an emotional eater so therefore i eat for comfort (for f**k sake Hannah snap out of it) And guess what i feel even more worse afterwards which i new i would... so why do i do it... sometimes i think i do it to feel "normal" or to "fit in", one thing i did really miss over comp prep was socializing, i didn't spend much time with many friends due to them not understanding my goal etc or it was just putting myself near temptation! Its really no excuse friends and ppl should not judge you for what you eat and how you enjoy to exercise! BUT THEY DO!

Anyway this week I'm also focusing on trying not to get caught up on what others say or what there opinions are! I need to do what's best for me and what's going to make me happy!

Time to kick in the MOJO magic and beat the blues!

If any of you girls have tips on this or want to share there journey on post comp maintenance feel free to comment or drop me an email at

Enjoy your week you fit peps and i'll drop by again soon!


  1. I completely know where you are at sweet heart!

    What was the turning point for me was knowing I was not looking after myself properly. But knowing and doing are two very diff things.

    My plan of attack was : get a kick a** trainer who I aspire to, get a new totally diff training schedule, good nutritional plan with loads of good food, dairy, carbs and fruit and allows a day off a week. You need good food to grow. The day off is a day to carb it up - not just eat crap!

    The plan was there - then to do it!

    Dont put it off till mon, dont put it off till the next day, do it NOW - the very next meal. Dont beat yourself up if you slip up and dont 'punish' yourself by trying to over do cardio to compensate - you wont be able to compansate... Just get back on track!

    Dont over do cardio if you are trying to build muscle! Just do enough to keep you fit and lean. Allow your body to be a bit fuller - its good for the body and you will be able to hammer it at the gym with a bit more 'meat' on ya!


    Be good to yourself - love yourself! xoxo

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel girl, cos i'm feeling like that right NOW! arrgghh it's driving me insane. "Miss Hemmorrhoid" gave me grief this arvo and i just wannted to comfort eat even though i KNOW its not gonna do me any good. Jeh's summarised everything you and i need to do, so we just gotta DO IT, starting tonight and not tomorrow x