Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What next...

Well it seems two more weeks of dieting was just to much for me or what i thought anyway! So no Aussie titles for me just 3 days in Melbourne on a gorge fest with my partner i seriously think my diet consisted of Mud cake, cookies and chocolate the whole time i was there! : (


I have now eaten everything i craved over the past 4 mths and you know what... none of it satisfied me all made me feel like shit and all i kept thinking was how good my body felt on my pre comp diet, so after catching up with some friends yesterday for a BBQ today is the start of getting my food back under wraps starting with mmm an omelette and oats already feeling full and satisfied!

Its funny how you perceive food, I'm an emotional eater (or thats what i tell myself) i can put away a lot of food ... but why?.... It makes me more depressed then b4 and i feel and look like shit after! Its all in the mind!

Since comp i've felt a lil lost, i feel like i have achieved what i wanted but what's next????

***A NEW GOAL***

- Maintain a healthy eating plan with the weekly cheat meal or two
- Build more muscle for 2010 comps
- Be happy with what i have achieved in 2009
- Sit at a weight that is realistic to maintain

I continually want to blog i feel to some extent it makes me feel accountable i also enjoy sharing my journey so that others can see they are not alone and experience similar hiccups on there journey to the stage!

Well its time to beat this post comp blues !!!


  1. Hey ya sweet! I had exactly the same problem. i wanted to do another comp - and I had plenty of time (10 or so weeks) to get ready between comps. I didnt have much bodyfat to loose - BUT - my body just needed a rest. I was loosing strength and NOT enjoying my workouts like I used to. I decided it was better for my health to not compete - and then I allowed myself to eat whatever I felt like. I felt gross, fat and unmotivated... However - One week along since getting back into my clean eating and weights and cardio - I'm feeling a new woman. I am lean again - lost all that fluid - and getting the bodyfat down again. You will be suprised at how quick your body will bounce back once you get into feeding it good clean food and hitting that weights rack to build some serious fat burning muscle and becoming that lean mean fighting machine. ;) Get into girl! You rock xoxo

  2. Hi babe, thanks for the add! I think its really important to set yourself some goals post comp, it'll help you stay focused and keep the binge monster at bay! I got my skinnies done last week and my pt is writing me a new program to keep me on track too. Now that we're off season, i'm trying to stick to the 90% rule which gives me 2-3 cheat meals a week. I look forward to following your journey too! Btw did you train at bjs?
    Chelle :)