Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aussie Titles

Why not???

I figure 4mths of dieting and hard work for 10mins on stage... Ill be in Melbourne whats 2 more weeks of dieting huh??? A struggle i tell ya hehe!

6 More sleeps till i step on stage and yet again feels a lil surreal, wont be anyone there i know other then Mick but this time its for the experience , still working hard to get in tip top condition but its been a struggle as i never contemplated placing in my first comp so the plans for dieting were not considered to go past my photoshoot we did for fun on Thursday!
I plan to continue competing in years to come but you never know what the opposition will bring i may never place again so im taking this as an opportunity to compete at National level! Cool Huh!

So here goes 6 more sleeps people and maybe this time ill look more like i know what im doing hehe!

Congrats to everyone who competed yesterday at the ANBs on the Goldcoast, Special shout out to my girl STEPH 3rd place baby we are a team hehe.... Ali for 1st place... And Krisitin what a champ 2 comps in 2 weeks you were killing it up there confident and having fun babe!

Keep up the awesome work everyone xoxo


  1. Thanks gorgeous! Good luck for your next comp and keep staying strong, I'll be cheering for ya from here! You can do it XOXO

  2. Good luck for the next few days and specially for Saturday babe. I will be going to watch so hopefully can meet you in the flesh!! I'll be the loud one in the audience lol ;)
    Vic x

  3. oops only just caught up with your blog- THANKS babe! i was stoked to join you and mick in the third club hehe, champions!!!! love ya, steph xx