Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And then it was over....

Omg what an experience and a half to say the least.

One day in my life i'm never going to forget, to achieve a goal i set out when i was a wee tacker and come home with a placing OMG!

So lets start from the beginning.....

Peak Week:
What a head game that was for me i tell you! Going from LOW carbs 2 weeks out and to be smashed with loads of carbs i honestly had no belief that id come in looking hard or lean at all. Mick (my bf) was who did my diet the whole way thru decided to try something a lil different to the "typical" peak week that majority of ppl tend to follow..."Trust me" were his words, thats all i could do. Tuesday was my HIGH carb day and i tappered my carbs back down towards show day, my god peak week was full of energy and great workouts but the headgames still continued right through, was nice to have the support from the Lovely Steph, And blogger friends, fellow competitors Kristin and Tiarna!

Registration day:
Reality started to kick in still feeling like i was in no shape to step on stage with my two coats of contest color we made our way to Geebung to register and then back to motel to put on more coats, relax and prepare for the following day! Headed to the stores for some final purchases of things we needed food, makeup, oh and a treat for afterwards ... Kit Kat Caramel mmm! A phone call from my mum informed me she could not make it was rather upsetting she had been called into work and there was nothing she could do to get out of it, made me feel like smashing my treat there and then!! Later in the evening Mick and i went for a stroll to get out in the fresh air and had a bit of a chat, this was the first time we really spoke bout placings etc this wasn't something i considered making it to the stage was my whole focus! This was were i decided if i was happy with my outcome on the day this would decide whether or not i partake in ANB the week later! Not thinking id sleep i did and it was quite a satisfying night sleep too!

Show day:
Was up at 5am so ready for a shower, and sick of covering toilet seat in tp so i wouldnt get tan all over it but still managed too some how hehe! Morning started with Lamb and Sweet Potato mmm what a change from the good ol egg whites! Did some posing practise with Mick and started applying Tan Master to him first ( I must say out of the whole experience the tanning was the worst bit). On to my second meal a carbless bar mmm rockyroad flavoured why is it when you try make it last you get caught in the moment and gorge hehe! Then my turn for Tan master! The most scary bit getting ready for me was make up and hair i would have liked to have payed someone to do it due to my lack of experience but all in all was quite surprised with the creation i did MYSELF hehe!
Still all sticky from Tan was time to head to the show! Got lots of supportive msgs and phone calls through out the morning and day it was amazing!
Met up with some friends and got to meet some of the blogger girls and ppl i have met via facebook! Intermission rolled round quick and it was time for tan touch ups for Mick and for him to get ready to take stage and shine! Im so proud of him he placed 3rd in Intermediate man its hard for him being tall but he did an awesome job of making himself standout! YAY MICKEY!
An hour till it was my turn, the figure novice tall were b4 me and this was when i really started to freak out... NOT LONG NOW AHHH! I had Mick and my friend Jodie touching up my tan while the lovely Jo was adjusting my Bikini ( felt nice to be fussed over) Also had Jodies Partner there cracking jokes while stuffing his face with Pizza , bustard hehe!
"5mins" they called out OMG Panic mode this is it, no turning back now, i could not believe what i was about to do! Slowly moving to back stage ( freaking out bout heels) i stood in line with the other 11 girls all i wanted to do was cry instead made small talk with the girls either side of me! Looking around i felt we all were a similar build but naturally felt screwed hehe! Time to walk the stairs hehe (practiced this at home) The lights were so bright, and i could not make out a single face in the crowd, but i could here my name being called out! Then the shakes started omg it was horrible, slowed my breathing down and visualised it was no different to being on stage about to teach a class this helped calm me down! Posing hurts like a bitch im still sore! And the rest pretty much a blur hehe even having my name called out for 3rd place all i remember was throwing my hand up and doing some stupid queen wave hahaha!


After all the "thank you's" and hugs and kisses from my amazing family friends and was time to hoe into the food mmm lots consumed it would make you sick to know how much and what lol!

I still dont think it has fully sinked in what happened that day but its now 2 days later and im still on a massive high from it! Not continuing on with ANB but will be there to support Steph, Ali and Kristin. Go team bloggers Go! But i have tickets to Melbourne as Mick was hopping to qualify for the Australians now that we both have im contemplating competing in this i think most ppl will be more focused on the Olympia see how i go this week back on the dieting, training and cardio!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and words of encouragement along the way...

Bring on 2010 more muscle... more maturity... MORE COMPS WOOHOO! I've got the bug!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats on your placing!

  2. You look so great Hanni! Hope you have been enjoying your break from dietin! Get back into it soon, and lets build loads of muscle!!!!!

  3. Thanks girls for all the support!