Friday, September 18, 2009

2 more sleeps!

Wow the last 4 months for me have flown by despite how i was told they would drag i really wish i had a n extra 4 weeks or so cos i still don't feel fully ready for what i'm about to do on Sunday... But i'm guessing no matter how prepared you think you are you will never be fully satisfied always striving for a better you etc!

Wow the mixed feelings/emotions going through my head at the moment are spinning me out a lil! Wondering if ill pull this off?, will i look the shittest, what can i bring to the stage that others don't have?, am i looking shit at the moment, hmmm 2 days time and first show done and dusted! Don't get me wrong i'm fully excited bout this journey but its natural to be wondering the unknown!

I got my bikini yesterday and it was like xmas hehe i love it so much and quite suprised that i dont mind how i look in it either hehe but cant wait to see the final result of tan, hair make up oh im going to so look like a lady hehe ( very not like me shorts thongs and singlet all the way hehe)

I want to thank all the bloggers for your support and encouragement along the way its been amazing and i cant wait to meet a lot of you over the next few weekends and over the years to come!

Its time to shine baby .... MOJO ALL THE WAY!


  1. You'll kill it girl! You got nothing to worry about... just be proud of yourself! Can't wait to see you there! Big hugs! We've done an awesome job and will be proud and have fun up there cause thats ALL that matters XOXOX

  2. Good luck tomorrow Hannah!! enjoy every minute of it, it goes quite fast! hope to meet you in person at the comp. xx