Saturday, September 12, 2009


It still seems very surreal that in one week time i will be steppin (or tripping in those heels) on stage and accomplishing a goal i set when i was like 12 yrs old! YAY!!!

This journey has seen a new beginning and hopefully a lot of goodbyes to bad habits, i have discovered so much more about who i am and how i work over the past 20 weeks or so and not for one minute (hmm sometimes a split second) do i regret ever making the decision to follow this through, it has taken a lil while to except that being my first comp and all im not going to look as ripped as id ideally like to, i wont have as thick muscle as i dreamt of but you know what im 24 yrs old i have plenty of yrs ahead for this so called "muscle maturity" to occur, so yes at this stage i do see myself competing again ( even though there a moments through the day i do have to remind myself why the hell im doing this again hehe).

The past few weeks i have been wanting to blog more but to be honest finding the time has been really hard not to mention having to think about what to say has been harder hehe i've never experienced the feelings of being so lethargic, unmotivated, tired, emotional, hungry, irritable, oh and my tolerance level to the human race my god im so sorry if ive snapped at any of you i didn't mean to honest hehe, and these feelings can happen all in a matter of 5 mins hehe!

Another thing that has come up is relationships with friends and family... You really find out who is there for you and who is not! My family have been great backing me all the way and they will be there on the day no doubt the loudest shouting out to me.... My friends hmmm well they either get it or they don't but also i have made some awesome new friends along the way that have inspired me and i have been told i have inspired back these are the people who really count and make it all worth while : ) love you guys you know who you are.... And one last mention in regards to relationships is MICK i could not have done this with out him, he has helped me through every single lil phase of comp prep and the poor bugger has copped the full brunt of my intense mood swings ( i promise ill make it up to you when its all over) he will also be competing next weekend in intermediate (GOOD LUCK BABY xx)

One week guys..... Let's get the party started hey !!!!! ITS NOT ABOUT WINNING I WANNA HAVE A DAMN GOOD TIME can't wait to meet some of you, best wishes for peak week guys see you all looking glamourous on SUNDAY 20th SEPT WOOO HOOOOO!


  1. Congrats on making it this far and achieving your (nearly) lifelong dream!! Good luck in your final week of prep hon - and glad that you see it as more than just are a winner for even getting this far!! It is so much more than a competition, it is about pushing yourself to your limits, and when you reach them, pushing those limits even further than you thought possible. So...GET UP ON THAT STAGE AND TEAR IT UP!!!
    Vicki x
    PS - sorry if I am making little sense/rambling...I'm carb depleting atm lol :)

  2. Best of luck, Hanni! You have your mojo with you. I call it sassy pants. Go GIRL GO!!!

  3. Good Luck!!
    Have Fun and enjoy your time on stage, your earn't it!!