Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 and a half weeks... 2 AND A HALF WEEKS!

WOW time is really ticking by fast i can't believe it i so don't feel ready enough but hey i guess its my first time and i have nothing to compare ready to! All i know is some days i feel super hard and others i feel bloated and watery! But all in all a change has happened from all this hard work of dieting and exercise ( you would bloody wanna hope so hehe) and i'm proud of myself to be able to stay strong and achieve this goal even though there have been plenty of times i have wanted to throw in the towel LOL ( haven't we all!)

Last week was a shocker doesn't the saying go bad things come in three??? Well i got really sick last Thursday, woke up on Friday with a swollen cheek due to an inflamed gum/tooth and Saturday my car broke down right next to a fish and chip shop after a lovely day of spending some money on myself and going way too long with out food, this was a true tester no matter what was going through my head i stayed strong and got through this lil emotional outburst and was very pleased with myself : )
Only thing i've had to deal with this week is ttom which has been a lil draining due to almost no carbs and running out of iron tablets!
This week ends focusing on a lil me time today i get a massage, tomorrow my hair done and i cant wait till sunday i get my kini off Jo so excited but so nervous that its not going to fit and ill be hanging out everywhere hehe!

Its funny i thought this journey of comp prep would drag, yes somedays do but the weeks fly by i wish they would actually slow down a lil!
How is everyone else feeling you all ready?
Cant wait to meet a lot of you girls!

Eat well, train hard and most of all enjoy the ride girls cos were on the home stretch YAY!

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