Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning how to say "No" again

Well almost a week has past since my last blog ( hey i am doing better at least it isn't months hehe) And my plan for last week... AGAIN... FAIL :(

But brand new week brand new attitude : )

*This week I WILL stick to my macros
*This week I WILL do all my sessions planned
*This week I WILL be happy
...... WHY????......

Because this is what i want and i chose to be this way : )

Right now all that is important is my happiness and by achieving what i want will bring my happiness... Santa i hope your listening hehe.
I am a person who likes structure, plans and deadlines this is why when i am prepping i feel right at home. I tend to go a little off track afterwards because i don't really have a so called plan in place ( I do but i don't realize it at the time) I really want my "on season" and "offseason" to be close i love how i feel when i eat clean, exercise regularly and make sure i get sufficient rest. For some reason i talk myself into eating junk to feel "normal" Well if that's normal i don't want to be normal :( I am already mentally preparing for my next show now i just got to get myself physically to where i would like to be sitting and tada the show rolls on!

Anyhow my Monday has started off the week great, 6am start 2 clients, step class, train, another client, work and a shbam class i think sometimes being busy is the key its the days i have a lil too much time to myself i turn to the panty or the closest 7 eleven, This week it's not going to be the case this week no matter what i WILL stick to the plan : ) I am going to keep you guys updated via Facebook and Twitter just so i feel accountable to anyone who wants to whip my ass if i fall off the wagon again lol! I do plan to have a treat meal come the weekend but that is it!
Time for me to get ready to start work....Day 2... BRING IT ON!!!

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