Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whoops... Time to perfect BALANCE!!!

Well it's been over a month since my last blog, hmmm whats happened... Christmas... New Years, time flys!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years Eve!!! Oh and Happy Australia day for the other day :)

It's has been over 4 months now since my last comp and have i got my shit together NOPE!!! Every week i start my plan fresh and positive and every week i let myself down, some people say it shouldn't be that hard you can diet and be strict leading up to your comp what changes after??? Well i know with me it's my headspace, everyone handles things different no ones comp experience is the same as anyone else the way they diet, exercise, respond, self motivate, everyone deals and handles things there own way so post comp some people are fine and are able to keep things together i know myself it's a huge battle. I put a lot of pressure on myself this time round thinking that because i had experienced post comp blow out after my first comp (remember this is still only my second season) i would be fine and know better... hmmm not the case at all, that emotional inner eating machine surfaced and has created some major headgames with me over the past few months :(
What is done is done and all i can do is move on and improve right?! Each week as of late has become better and better i am recognising triggers and i have an amazing support network out there from you guys (you know who you are :) )
I have already started to look at which show i am doing but it won't be until next year! This year is all about finding balance and being happy with myself something i really need to work on. As i have said in the past i really want there to be very little difference with on season and off season i want it to be my lifestyle to be fit and healthy year round, i don't want to come into each comp in the future slogging myself because post comp i become too relaxed and care free.
2012 will be the year i focus on the above.... So here is my journey....
With or without my mojo..... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

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