Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reporting in...

Lil report of what this chickadee has been up to....
Fridays leg session with the lovely Nicky was amazing and to be honest 4 days later and my butt still is a lil stiff hehe I LOVE LEG sessions! I very rarely train with anyone so to have the invitation to train with someone four weeks out from comp was very inspiring and motivating! Thanks Nicky!
After training followed babysitting hehe, its been awhile since i've looked after kiddies and i do enjoy it helps with that lil clucky feeling i get every now and then! They were great the parents put the bubba to sleep before they left and i watched The Incredibles with the 6yr old which made that one ready for bed job to easy i say hehe but in saying that over weekend food hasn't been as good as i would have liked to few nibbles babysitting as i was starving after my leg session!
Saturday Mick headed to Melbourne for the Pro show lucky bugger! I was off to an 18th again food not so great! My damn excuse TTOM i know, i know not an excuse first time in ages symptoms of TTOM have been full blown soreness, headaches, bloating, emotional, hopefully this will go asap! Not getting myself down cos really i could have done more damage hehe but didn't!
7 weeks till comp prep starts i know its stupid i still try justifying why its ok to eat whatever now so i don't feel so deprived when its time for the games to begin does anyone else find they do this?
My heavy leg day today and i'm feeling a lil flat and tired think i'm in need of a good music list to get me through a kick ass training session also have a step class tonight think i'll be sleeping well tonight hehe!
Really going to try make an effort to blog a lil more have been pretty slack since comp! And i do drop by and read everyones blogs on a regular basis!
Hope everyones week is off to a good start : )

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