Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in a nut shell!

Not a lot to report on at current still cruising along just fine!
Training been great, Nutrition has even done a spin around and I'm feeling each day more and more in control : ) YAY!

I am currently 7.5 weeks out from starting comp prep and i just cant wait for the whole thing to roll around and start i know what I'm in for now so it's not so daunting anymore. But in saying that I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it hehe! I looked into getting myself a coach cos sometimes i feel like Mick is under pressure getting me ready but i really do trust his work and advice he got me ready last time and i was really happy with how i looked for my first comp i know a few areas where there were hiccups but that was in my control not his!

So what comps am i planning to do??? Well in Sept i am doing the Qld INBA show i really enjoyed it there last year, but I'm also going to do the ANB in Oct and still tossing up about WFF the following day after the ANB show guess it all depends as i start getting closer. Has anyone else noticed that the INBA Australians clash with the Qld ANB show??? Hmm maybe they are doing it so we stick with one or the other federation!

Tuesday i caught up with Kristin, it was great catching up i love seeing her and having someone to ramble to about comp stuff... Why??? Cos she gets it, most of you probably know what i mean you have those friends that say they support and understand you but when u have a good chat to them about it they have that look on their face like "F**k Hannah shut up about it already" hehe! Tomorrow I'm training with a chick that is competing at the April IFBB's i can't wait I'm a lil nervous but excited at the same time I've always seen this chick as a real inspiration she is amazing and brings quality to the stage and to have her contact me and ask if i was interested.... WOW! So I'll let you know how that goes Bring on a hardcore leg session!!!

Well best i end it hear have a big day ahead of me HIIT session, Train Back and chest, teach a step class and work!

Enjoy the rest of your week Lovely people and we will chat again soon : )


  1. So true babe, it's important to have people understand you when they listen to you. I'm all ears whenever you need, was great to catch up xoxo

  2. Hey Hanni,
    Sounds like you are tracking nicely, those 7.5 weeks will roll around quickly & you will be prepping in no time!
    Enjoy that leg session & have a great weekend!!!

  3. You are on a fast track to a successful year Hanni. I am so glad that everything is going your way now, and we will all be cheering you on from our computers, and then from the audience when you are up on that stage! Can't wait to see you up there.

  4. I can't wait to start following your comp prep Hannah. It will be a great learning experience and I'll cheer you on all the way. Wishing you all the best in the lead up to it!

  5. Happy to hear you cruising well Hanni! Have a good week xx

  6. Awesome! I will be at the IFBB comps too! Sunny Coast and Sydney to support a friend. She is one of the "I get it" friends that is able to talk me through everything, like you mentioned :-)
    It's an honour to be able to be there to support her in her goals.
    Glad to hear you're cruising along...... that's the best way to be :-) xx