Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We all have them, we all want to achieve them but have you mapped out the destination that its going to take to do so????

My goals in regards to Figure Comps for 2010:

I'm 30 weeks from first comp of the year, 10 weeks till i start dieting am i a Lil nervous ... YES, Why?? I have done this all before BUT sometimes i feel like I'm starting from scratch all over again! I have had one week off training since my comp last year and a few days here and there, I'm certain that my composition has changed in terms of muscle growth and maintenance (in some areas) But it's the unknown of what you have hiding that gets to you when your holding too much body fat! Hmmmm that's brings me to Goals!!!!

This year I'm going to have a plan of attack for Post comp BLOW OUT! Instead of the "pff I've dieted for 3 + months i can have what i like when i like" attitude! I had a maintenance body weight that i wanted to bring myself back to and hold but hey that went out the window! Some days i get down on myself for how out of control i got but I'm human and it was something i had to experience to learn i guess even though everyone was ready to tell you how fat i was going to get and thanks to the lovely people out there that have reminded me ever since bahaha F**kers! So i think this is a Lil assignment for Mick and i to start working on as the time gets closer!

Another goal to keep in check over my Journey is SELF BELIEF most competitors will know what i mean when i say the negativity that comes from the outsiders can sometimes make your dreams seem a Lil hazy and self doubt seems to arise!
One thing i did find i fell into was comparing myself to others about to step on the stage with me or around the same time as me and being concerned that's my progress was behind or i was never going to lean down in time... Reality check Hannah, you can not compare your self to some one that has a completely different composition to you FULL STOP!
In regards to all this I'm out there competing against myself and to prove to no one but me that I'm stepping on that stage knowing and feeling that I'm representing every blood sweat and tear earned and delivering on the day NO REGRETS!

It all starts in the mind we create a dream/ goal, we want to achieve it we plod along thinking how we are going to do it this is where some throw in the goals/dreams because there was not enough thought put into it and dove in full steam ahead to crash and burn, a PLAN of attack is what is needed to achieve anything you want, you had to roll before you crawled you had to crawl before you walked.... STEPPING STONES lead you on the path to your goals! So over the next 10 weeks i have set myself a goal before i dive straight into comp prep! I have a goal weight i would like to reach by 20weeks out, i want my nutrition to be well balanced and ready for adaptation to comp season and training to be like its my last ever session.

2010 i am ready for you what ever the universe is ready to throw at me i will throw back double : )


  1. Hi Hanni, what a great post. It is awesome to see that you are thinking about the whole picture. The before, during and after comp. It is also helpful to people like myself who haven't completed the journey even once yet. It is helpful to know what to expect and what others are doing to get through it themselves. Thanks Hanni!

  2. Yay chicky! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see you up there again. I'm pretty sure I'm not competing, but I am here for you and I will help you in any way I can. We are only down the road from each other and I want to help as much as I can. You have the right attitude and I love to hear you so positive about conquering it all. I totally understand where you are coming from and I plan on doing the same for my next comp. I'm so pumped for you! We have to catch up soon ok? Mwah XOXO

  3. Hey Hanni

    Love your positivity and attitude.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and you'll more than likely want to tell me to fuck off and mind my own business but do know that I'm only saying it because I care.

    The post comp eat what you want and as much as you can is inevitable. This is in relation to the starvation response (google Minnesota Starvation study for furter info) whereby it's a biological response for you to do this.

    I'm not saying don't diet and compete but am saying perhaps plan for this knowing that it will happen but rather try and prepare as best you can to combat the negative feelings that arise when you do so. Rather enjoy what you eat and do so without judgement or guilt. Know that you are still beautiful and loved and most of all continue to love yourself each and every day.

    I'm sorry if this is not what you want to hear.

  4. I'm loving your energy right now Hannah! ;)