Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost without them!

Yesterday my Scales broke noooooooo! Maybe it's a sign to not rely on them for a while. Most people that know me know I'm pretty consistent (obsessed) with weighing myself on a regular basis I know its silly but sometimes when reading them it can actually prompt my motivation for the day! So looks like i have to let go now until i get a new set! I was so lost and feeling anxious this morning sad i know hehe!

Lil report on how operation "Sexy Bitch" is going:

Well January was not the best of mths lots of hiccups along the way but February seems to be firing along well.
The weekend that just past was my sisters 21st birthday party and I'm happy to report no alchol and no bad food i stuck to the plan i ate before i left and sipped on a few coke zeros throughout the night YAY big step for me : ) So all in all Nutrition over last 10days has been great one planned treat meal for the movies the other day but besides that im cruising along just fine!

Training has been awesome i have Mick training me on Saturdays usually just focusing on technique and range of the exercises I'm performing eg more depth in my squats etc. I'm loving having him there to push that lil bit more out i haven't had anyone (him) train me in like 5yrs so it felt good! Plus those days i have the whole gym to myself before we open up and i get to pump some iron to MY favourite tunes hehe!

I have picked up 3 extra classes due to one of my work collegues leaving and at present i'm teaching 3 steps, 2 Jams and a pump class! Sleeping awesome at night hehe!

I'm really looking forward to catching up with a few of you girls at the Ifbb comp in April it will be exciting to meet you in person and cheer on the lovely Tara : )

Well just thought i'd report in and say "hi" and let you know where I'm at with stuff so sorry it was a bit random and all over the shop : )

Keep the blogs still coming girls I'm loving reading them all : )

Train hard, eat well and love every bit of it! xx


  1. How awesome to have your partner as your trainning buddy! I don't think that will EVER happen in our household! lol! Doing well Hanni, keep taking it one day at a time and success will follow.

  2. Sounds like you've definitely found your MOJO! Keep it coming Hanni! :P

  3. Sounds like the mojo is well & truely back & you are on fire!! Look forward to meeting you at the IFBB comp!

  4. I'm a sucker for my scales!! I wonder how long you can go?? Might do you good?

    Cool you have picked up more classes and well done at your sis's party!

    Shar x

  5. Hey Han, I hear ya on the scales!! I went most of the off season without a set, but right now I would cry if mine broke haha then run out and buy a new set. Am jealous of you having a training partner. I wish I had one so bad! Today I am training with rob and a few friends who are stayng with us, but normally I go it alone. sucks when I wanna go heavy heavy!

    See ya in about 7wks time!! xx