Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whats on the cards for 2011....

So some of you may remember mid year i started to prep for the Sept/Oct shows and at roughly 8 weeks out pulled out due to a slow metabolism and a heap of body fat that didn't budge, happy with my decision i have continued to eat a relativily clean diet with the odd lil slip up here and there ( hey i'm normal - but what is normal... Right?) I have been working with my coach to get my metabolism back on track and i'm happy to say it seems that im starting to benefit from being consistant with my exercise & eating : ) It's all about creating new habits, once upon a time (not too long ago) i was an "emotional" eater.... Why??? Beause that is something that i told myself and i believed it! I now can identify when i start to make excuses when "craving" a certain sweet treat, it all starts with the mind, stop the thoughts and all of a sudden that so called "Craving" disappears : ) BOOYA!
Over the years i have suffered like many people with binge eating, over eating and emotional eating in 2010 i feel i have started to take control of food instead of it taking control of me.. This is still new and something that without a doubt i have to stay strong with and keep working on , as it doesn't take much for old habits to resurface. Xmas is approaching and for the first time I'm not feeling so worried about the extra kgs that will be accumulated as i have no plan to sit and eat for the entire day like i have in the past, everything in moderation : )
Im excited about what are on the cards for me in 2011 i have learnt so much about myself in the past 12months that i feel it has prepared me for the year to come.
So what do my cards say????? To just name a few.... I am hoping to do a couple of shows next year still not 100% sure which ones just going to see how i am over the next few weeks, i also am planning to head overseas towards the end of the year with Mick a well deserved holiday i must say. And on all other things continue to be happy healthy and striving to be the best at what i do.

I probably won't get a chance to jump on here again before Christmas but i wish you all a Safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS XOXO


  1. I think it's been a big learning year for alot of people Hannah. And I think 2011 is going to be a year of renewals and new beginnings. Here's to yours! Have yourself a merry little christmas too. :) XOX

  2. Yep, here's to an awesome 2011 - have a great Christmas Hannah-Lee.

  3. Ditto to Kerry & Frankie! Have a great holiday! Here's to 2011!