Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly update : )

Another week has gone by ever so quickly and who said comp prep drags LOL!! Food still going strong numbers still nice and high so no reason to complain, Training hard, intense and loving it, Cardio hmm getting it done hehe think its time for some new shoes! So thing are on track even though deep down you wish the results were more visible... patience is the key here : )
Had my "free/cheat" meal on the weekend its funny i spend all week thinking bout what I'm going to have and this weeks was A roast dinner with vegies, a few cookies and some mud cake which i must say the mud cake was a bit of a let down but not to worry at the end of the day there is plenty more where they came from and there will always be mud cake (unfortunatly) hehe!
Had an interesting Upper body session yesterday mixed up what i was doing and tried for a pb on Bench. Now I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to someone spotting me and also particularly when choosing who i want LOL not the best quality to have when in the end my ego gets the better of me choose no one and get stuck under the bar and i'm to stubborn to call out for help lol so in the end i had to roll the bloody bar off me like nothing happened, pretty sure i pulled the skin off my muscles ( not really just being a drama queen) but i still got 2 out So new PB on Bench Woohoo! 55kg x 2 reps LOL!!!
Leg session today no squats but heading to the Leg press to be- friend this apparatus : ) Its been a lil while since we have had a head locking bout hehe!
Another thing I'm looking forward to is this weekend heading to the INBA Brisbane show nothing like a bit of motivation to keep the drive strong, get to see some awesome chicks strut there stuff on stage and catch up with some other friends : )
Time to scoot, i hope everyone has a FAB day : )


  1. Me too, we'll SO have to meet up!!!

  2. Whoo hoo, on fire girl!
    Hope to meet you on saturday - I'll be the one all tanned up! HA!

  3. I'm looking forward to meeting the two of you girls : )

  4. You are going great Hanni!! Yep, don't you hate it when you get ripped on your splurge meal with dodgy mud cake. lol Look forward to catching up with you on Saturday :)