Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its funny over the past few months ive realised that how important wording things is, I have found myself seeming to be overwhelmed in words people have discribed me as eg Brut, built like a brick shit house, and the list goes on...... (maybe for some reason im taking this to heart or im SUPER sensitive) but not only that but how lil decorum people really have in regards to others feelings, i have never walked up to one and poked them in the belly to tell them they have put on weight, ive never told someone they have beefed up, i have never advised someone that maybe getting a mirror to see what they look like from behind may help stay in "comp condition" all year round. Where do we get off on telling others our opinions that are rather hurtful??? I'd never lie to anyone who asked me to be honest with them with their appearence ONLY if they ask for it!!!! I'ts funny how a handful of humans can make or break your day : ( and i'm bringing this up due to being hurt by words someone close to me made ( and at the end of the day what this person said was probably not meant in the way that it all came out and across) i just wish people really thought about what they are going to say to one and put yourself in their positon and see if you would like it in return!!!
Wednesdays are always the day i have something thrown at me so i'm doing my best to mentally prepare for the next daggering comment coming my way!!!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but im going to use these comments in my training and prove to them and myself that its only fueling the energy for me to succeed....BOOYA!

1.5 Weeks and comp prep begins :)


  1. Hey Hanni,
    Love your attitude! usually people say negative things out of pure jealousy & it is amazing how one negative comment can outweigh many positive ones by far, you are an amazing, strong, fit, gorgeous woman who is setting & achieving her thing is to live surrounded by positivity & let people like that live in their negativity.
    Have a great week chicky;-)

  2. Hey Hanni :) know how you feel, but i guess as you continue to compete people will get used to the fact that offseason and prep are different things...? its a shame that putting yourself out there by being different and having a goal invites anyone and everyone to have an opinion but as leanne said- the ppl that count are all saying nice things and cheering you on. love ya, steph x

  3. So know what you're talkin' about Hanni - been dealing with crap negativity last 3 years (out of it now). Onward and upward chicki so here's to the best comp prep ever for you!


  4. hey chicky babe, i totally hear you and think it's awful that people have said that. i reckon it's their way of bringing you back down to their level... you are above so many people as far as health and fitness goals and these people are saying this cause they are intimidated by what you have acheived and will acheive in the long run. it's so wrong on so many levels, but at the same time, it's sad that they have to make themselves feel better by putting you down. fuck em i say babe, you are better than that and we all love you xoxoxo

  5. hey hanni!why dont you just "delete"these peoples emotionally stunted verbal dioreah from your memories. You have positive information you could be storing in there-or "float"above these peoples words and physical taunts-dont let them hold you down babe-you KNOW you are better than that.