Monday, April 26, 2010

7 more days.....

OMG its almost here 7 months have past since my very 1st Comp and this time next week comp prep all starts again Woohoo!!! Im super excited last few weeks i have been a little complacent with my nutrition knowing this was about to begin ( no reason i know) But I'm ready to tackle this new journey knowing I'm going to experience new things and some of the old!!! One thing i wanted to achieve after comp last year was a balanced nutrition and some healthy habits, its funny how easy it is to full back on the bumpy road you have been down before and as an end result a body composition I'm not so crash hot on : ( This time round i feel its going to be different i know what to expect etc and I'm hoping that no MAJOR rebound will occur!!! Only i can control this and I'm going to this time round : ) I'm hoping over the last 7 months i have put on a lil more muscle as my training has been quite strong and satisfying i can almost say my training style has matured hehe! Only time will tell : )

2010....THE TIME IS NOW :)


  1. wahoo Hanni! Can't believe its been 7 monnths since you competed, feels like yesterday. Very excited to follow you on your way to getting back on stage. You are going to look great! 2nd Time round you definatley more experienced and feel alot more relaxed. Go girl - This is your time :)

  2. Awesome Hanni - can't wait to see you up there on stage, I'm excited as you are - lol!


  3. Cant wait to follow your journey to the stage Hanni!!

  4. Thanks for the amazing support girls you all rock xoxo

  5. Go girl, Go girl, Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second time round is easier I think. Not easier prep wise but you know more of what to expect so can push on and not let the headgames get to you too much!
    You aiming for INBA Qld's?? I have no intention of comping later in the year but I also change my mind daily ;)