Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The countdown continues!

I just checked out my last post which the title was "6 weeks" .... it is now 2.5 weeks WOW it's speeding by now and approaching fast!
I have started putting together lists of things i need to do, complete or even achieve in the given day lol I'm starting just these last few days to feel a little foggy and tired. But with 18 days till i step on that stage for the 2nd time i will give each and every session my everything.
What i have been up to.... Between work, prep and general living there has not been much room for socializing, and or getting any of my study done. I have been very lucky that Mick has been a HUGE help every night i get home from work (anywhere between 7-9pm) he has prepped most or all my food for the next day and all i have to do is cook it! What an angel right!!!! Not only that his support has been incredible and somedays i know he doesn't feel as though i appreciate what he has done but my god i do... Thank you Mickles MWAH! I love that i get to share this experience with him and i hope that i have and continue to support him in the same ways he has supported me!
I am loving my training and surprisingly I'm still not losing much strength somedays i may walk into a session feeling a lil tired and fatigued but by the time i have finished i am feeling de-stressed and happy with what effort i have been able to put in. Cardio on the other hand can be a lil bit of a struggle sometimes, i teach 4 classes a week and i don't really count them as my body is so used to them if i do extra one week i take them into consideration as a moderate session and i am now currently doing 4 HIIT sessions and 4 Moderate sessions a week! I am lucky enough to have a bike at home that when i am stuck for time i can jump on and bang out one of these sessions. But all in all i have been happy with my consistency with my sessions.
Nutrition is going great it has only been the last 5 days or so that i have been a little noticeably hungrier then normal which at 3 weeks out i am guessing is a pretty good sign. I have had many comments of people saying stuff like " i bet you can't wait to see the end of those egg whites" to be quite honest i really enjoy the food i eat and i look at food a lot different to what i may have say 18mths ago i try and see food more as fuel for my workouts and to get me through the day. Don't get me wrong today i could so go something sweet and creamy hehe but i know these feelings come and go! I'm hoping once comp season is over i can still manage to look at my approach to food the same and not fall into old habits.
Sleep.... this prep i have experienced quit a lot of restless nights some with very little sleep and wow i do not function well with out my sleep as you could imagine hehe i have never experienced in the past bad sleeping patterns i am a pretty strong sleeper if i had too i could see myself as being able to sleep comfortable at a rock concert lol. I'm sure these will pass maybe it's nerves it could be a lot of different things causing this. I am just taking each day as it comes.
Well it's time for me to head off and continue on with my day i have a HIIT session to do and teaching a Jam class tonight.
2.5 Weeks.... 18days...
Time to bring it home strong....

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