Monday, September 19, 2011

6 Days... (and counting)

So peak week has begun... i don't follow a traditional peak week which sometimes plays with my head a bit but i just got to stick to the plan and trust coach : )
Started my day off with my first cardio for the week and final HIIT session smashed it out on the spin bike. My quads are a lil sore from posing and the cardio sessions as of late but all is good.
Energy for today was great funny what a few extra carbs does lol! ( oh and hello veins) It's starting to really sink in not only am i excited but the excitement from people around me is so cool... Thanks guys!
Was really weird not teaching my Step and Jam class today but the break will be great it's been awhile since i have had a lil rest from them. I am working up until midday Thursday then its just organizing final bits and pieces, accessories, nails etc.
Wow how motivating was the Olympia those girls are just incredible and so are the guys! Oh i love getting goosebumps watching what i love! One day i will make it there and i will be like a kid in a candy store lol ; )
Well the sooner i head to bed another day is gone WOOHOO! Tomorrow is 5 Days BOOYA!
................Stay tuned for 5 days out : )

Enjoying the simple things Mmmmm.......

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