Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 sleeps :)

It's just like counting down till xmas lol!
Today started off with a refreshing walk along the beach front as the sun came up omg it was just a stunning morning i couldn't sleep each day i am getting more and more excited, the vibe on the footpath was great everyone was cheery and welcoming the day!
I then came home and started on the carbs OMG how full do i feel after today! My staple carb sources today was oats and banana and what a simple but yummy combination it was!
All fueled up i had an early morning Weights session on the cards as i had to be home for house inspection... First weights session for the week... Legs!!! Now let's just say even though i didn't go to my usual all out, kick ass, lift heavy shit typical leg day what i did do bloody burnt hehe i love training legs! A nice solid hour in the gym then it was home to prep rest of food for the day and back to the gym to work!
My lunch box had not looked so full in such a long time hehe not only that my poor lil belly by the end of the day is looking rather full too hehe!
I had a few testing moments arise through the day where meltdown mode nearly kicked in but with my amazing support crew i have i kept it together and all is sorted pheww!
So ready to bring on hump day, two more days of work then its time to get things all organised woohoo!
I see there is close to 200 people(and im sure there will be a more to register) competing this weekend it's going to be HUGE!
Well time to hit the sack thats if i contain my excitement hehe.... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

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  1. Oohh Miss Hanni - how exciting - peak week, and down to the single digits!! You are so close now, it's the exciting part. Wrapping up training, the carb up (mmmm oats!!), the tan, the hair, nails, make up, bikini...YAY!!

    Enjoy peak week hon - you have worked so hard for this and I can't wait to see you shine.
    Here for you all the way :)
    Vic xx