Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm almost there!

Not 7 Months... Not 7 Weeks...ONLY 7 DAYS! : )

I seriously can not believe how fast this has all gone. I remember which feels not that long ago counting down from 20 Weeks wow it has gone so quick.

So the question is... Am i ready???
Well let's just say the past week has been a whopper of an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute i feel on top of the world and ready as ever and the next i question everything and don't feel ready at all. I pick myself to pieces like i wanted to be leaner and i want to be musclier but if i put my pics together from 2009 to now there is a pretty big change... a good change i guess no matter what you always want better! And i know with time, discipline and dedication i will get to where i wanna be gosh this is only my second ever show! I am just over the moon to be getting back up on that stage!

I have sat down this morning and worked out my meals for the final week after coach gave me my macros and exercise he wants me doing! I'm pretty excited although as normal a lil nervous, don't do that typical water load or deplete like a lot of others do so i just got to keep in the right mind frame and focus just on me and my journey!
I am really looking forward to all the girly bits that comes with the day... Hair, Make up, heels etc i guess cos on any other day i wear gym attire and feel like a tomboy lol! My sis is also coming along and helping me with some final shopping and helping me with stuff which is going to be great she has only just moved back home from WA and it's just so great to have her home again!
Not only am i getting myself excited but my support network is too i have some really amazing friends that have done nothing but encourage and been there no matter along the way and they are just as excited as me hehe! We have done this journey together and i am forever thankful to have them in my life ( You know ho you are my darlings).
And yes another MAJOR shout out to my Mickles who has been my ROCK this prep i could not have done this with out him THANK YOU!!!

Well 7 days hmm what a journey i have learnt so much about myself, I am so proud that i have done this again and coped a lot better then last time.

A lil inspiration from Yesterdays Olympia 2011 Figure Girls Pre Judging... Who do you want to win?? Im thinking:
1st - Nicole Wilkins
2nd - Erin Stern
3rd - Ava Cowan (Would love to see her win though)

Peak week..... Here we go : )

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