Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy busy BUSY

The title says it all this week has been go go go from last weekend till this weekend getting up anywhere between 4-5am not getting to bed till 10-11pm and think after been spoilt with a couple of long weekends in a row a full work week smashed me hehe!
My parents where away for the week so i had to take a few trips to their house to check up and feed the animals, work, train, cardio and all the other normal life things that go on, each day kind of just rolled into another!

Training has been great my legs are still a lil tender from Mondays session last week hopefully they are good to go tomorrow : ) Had to fill in for a Body Combat class yesterday OMG i dont think i have done one for about 3-4mths and I'm feeling it today hehe.
Energy wise this week i have been super tired but you have weeks like that. I have been doing my very best to relax this weekend plus my body is telling me to slow down just a lil as i wasn't feeling crash hot yesterday and had to miss out on event i would have loved to attended : (

So Prepping seems to be going well so far no changes in my macros weight nicely dropping. I can't wait till it's a little more noticeable, i have been hanging out to drop some weight for months but i really needed to focus on rebooting my metabolism first so that was the priority.
I have been currently doing my hiits a lil different and i am loving it 3 done this week one on cross trainer, one on spin bike and this morning sprint session which left me feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest LOL.

My food has been spot on no slip ups and traveling along well, one of my refeed days falls on the weekend so i tend to experiment a little with my macros last nights dinner was this
Who said dieting has to be boring hehe.

3 Weeks until the Brisbane INBA classic which i am really looking forward to watching 1) My man is competing 2) Love the motivation you get by seeing the amazing bodies presented on stage 3) Get to catch up with some awesome people. Let me know if your going so we can say hi : )

Today is 20 weeks until Sept INBA QLD show.... Let the count down begin : )

Here is to another AWESOME week of training, nutrition, work and LIFE!


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