Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week one.... DONE : )

Well i made it through week one of prep woohoo! I think the first day of prep was hardest cause i was trying to get my head around how much my macros dropped lol oh well it was going to happen : )
This weeks training was great 3 HIIT sessions, 5 Weight sessions only one class due to all the public holidays.
Speaking of the holidays 5 days off work i felt really well rested come Wednesday i couldn't wait to get back into the busy routine of normal life.
This next week is going to be busy... My parents are away so i am housesitting for them so another thing added to my busy schedule each day this week starts at about 5-6am and ends at about 8.30pm... What doesn't kill me makes me stronger hehe!
I'm currently feeling really good about the year ahead I'm in a good headspace and feeling quite happy not to mention very excited to get back up on that stage. I'm also looking forward to the first comp season which is coming around quick and i love the motivation you get from being around it all, i am defiantly heading to the INBA Brisbane show at the end of May and the ANB Asian Pacs in June i can't wait to cheer my peeps on and catch up with others there.
Just thought i'd give a lil update with where i am at.
Hope all is well for you all.

Train Hard, Eat well and Dream BIG..... With or without my mojo.... THE TIME IS NOW!

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