Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why is food a big deal?!

So far 3 weeks of prep done and dusted some nice lil drops on the scales, eating enough to not feel like i am "dieting".
I just wanted to chat about the word "DIET" I hate it, i don't diet it's all about healthy choices with variety and balance i work with macro nutrients and as along as the food fits my daily numbers i can have it. I don't have "cheat" meals 1) Why gorge yourself silly on stuff you know is going to play head games with you tomorrow 2) Junk food is always going to be there why spend a meal/ a day eating stuff that at the end of the day actually makes you feel like shit 3) I'm not perfect i screw up sometimes the 'norm' gets the better of me and i cave and why well it's because i convince myself i am an on a diet and sometimes it's crumbling to peer pressure.

This time round i am really looking at food differently with prepping, it's just fuel to get me through my days fuel for my workouts, fuel for energy, fuel to live! Unfortunately food is now seen as such a social way of living you always meet for a coffee or over lunch with family and friends, you have to buy food to sit and watch a movie.... Why have we made it like this? What ever happened to just enjoying one anothers company?
It's funny how people will stop inviting you places cause your "dieting" or like to point out that you can't have certain things, this is a choice i have made i don't have a disease LOL It's called an esky i can pack my food and take it with me here there and everywhere.

So it seems food is on my mind at the moment and not because of cravings cause quite honestly i don't feel deprived i have a lot of variety in my food i also have 2 re feed days a week where my carbs bump up and my protein and fats drop a lil and these are the days i can play with my macros. Food is on my mind because people over complicate it. I get asked a lot when prepping what is my diet like and if they can have a copy, there is NO particular diet, i don't do keto, i don't starve myself, i don't follow any diet fads, and i don't "diet" like like the typical body builder, my body, my choice! It is now a part of my life i do my very best to eat CLEAN yes there is a little bit of calculating involved but if you want something bad enough you will do what it takes hmm 15-20mins a day of organising what it is you are going to eat is really not that long maybe just as long as you would wait at a fish and chip shop for some of that deep fried tucker. The key is consistency you have to stick to the plan or the plan just ain't going to work and what works for one may not work for another.

I remember when getting ready for my first show how many "experts" were out there saying your eating too much, your not eating enough, you shouldn't be eating this, you should try eating that. I know some people out there genuinely care but there is a great deal in the fitness world hoping for you to just screw up. There is no right or wrong way to prep just stick to YOUR plan don't alter unless it is part of the plan.

In the past i have struggled a lot when it comes to food, emotional eating, boredom eating, socially eating. And there is nothing wrong with that but it does come at a cost. My biggest problem was emotional eating.... Why beacause in the past i told myself that is who i am when i am upset it's okay to sit and gorge on chocolate, cookies and chips... The price i paid = Chub-a-lub Hanni :( Don't get me wrong i still like these foods but now i try and address the situation and realise that i am trying to comfort myself with food and by knowing that im a step[ ahead of myself and can pull myself up on it.

There is more to like then just food but if you want to get in good shape and maintain a healthy happy you and be comfortable in your skin it's all about the choices you make in the kitchen, no amount of sit ups are going to give you abs, you can run till the cows come home but if you are feeding yourself the wrong fuel the plan just is not going to work.

Well that is my opinion on the situation and just wanted to share with you my thoughts on food.
Balance, wise choices, getting back on track, moderation..... THE TIME IS NOW : )


  1. Yay! Well said. I hate the idea of "off-limits" foods - as you say, if it fits into your calories and macros for the day, then you can have it.

    I can't imagine living on freaking chicken, egg whites, fish and green veggies for 16 weeks straight. Ugh.