Sunday, June 26, 2011

Self Doubt

WOW what a week of painful head games and to be quite honest I'm not really sure what made them come about :( I have been battling all week really doubting myself about being ready for comp, not being the standard i want to be. I feel like i am working hard and getting no where. I also forget that how slow this process is and i am not the most patient person around. I just want to see changes faster :( I do tend to get a little caught up on what the scales say. And i do compare myself to where i have been at this point in the past. I would love to hear how others battle along when they hit sticky head games and feel like throwing it all in.
Currently 13 Weeks out and i do know a LOT can happen in 13 weeks i just feel like the weeks are flying by and Im playing catch up : ( I guess all i can do is give it my best and push on. I love what i do and i really want to get back up that stage this year i just have to do whatever it takes to get there.
Training this week has been pretty good I thought my first session of the week which was Lower Power, i could of possibly gone a little harder but 5 days later i was still bloody sore in the hammys from that session i was walking like i had steel rods in my legs hehe! I am really enjoying my Cardio's which are currently 3 HIIT sessions which i tend to mix up with Sprints, Cross trainer and sometimes recumbent bike, i still have one of these left for the week which i will do this evening and it will be a Sprint session.
Nutrition... well my macros are starting to drop now to get this body moving a long a little quicker. I tend to be filling my meals up with a lot of vegetables and in this cold weather they are quite nice to have : ) My new favorite Carb meal is Oats and strawberries with cinnamon and quite a runny texture hehe Mmm.

This weeks focus is just being positive with everything in my life a quote i came across this week i really liked is:

‎"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it."
— Muhammad Ali

Well i will leave you with that. Happy Training and continue to follow your goals and dreams : )


  1. Hey Hanni! I just found this new blog - was wondering where you got to!
    First of all - head games are just that: head games. You have come a long way from your first comp - realistically, you know that - and therefore you are not going to be in the same place now as you were at 13 weeks out in '09.
    I have seen you up close and you are fine babe - you will get there!! I know it's easy to have doubts and tough sometimes when the mind games are happening to stay focussed - all I can say is try to believe in yourself and you WILL get there! Get rid of the word "can't" from your vocabulary - it's the best thing you can do :)
    And remember we are all here supporting you 110%
    Vic xx

  2. Hang in there chickadee! Just do what you know you need to do, enjoy the ride, and don't look back. :)

  3. Awww thanks Vic : ) Just having a bumpy week i guess i hope i can snap out of that attitude and come back with lots of BOOYA's hehe! xo

  4. One day at a time. I recently read that somebody said bodybuilding is a marathon and not a sprint, and it's so true.

    You're looking great for what it's worth.
    Bur self doubt is part of it all.
    I'm sure you'll wake up tomorrow and feel better about yourself.
    As you said- the scales mean a lot to you, so if they increased for any reason, that could ay apart in you feeling a bit of self doubt.

    Go with the facts- you're ahead when you compared photos.

    I hope I haven't made many typos- using my phone lol

    Love n hugs oxox