Monday, June 13, 2011

The weeks a rolling by!

Wow it has been quite some time since i last blogged i think about doing it all the time but seriously it has been pushed to the side a lil as there has been lots on my plate at the moment!
Hmm... where to start???
15 Weeks out wow i have been prepping for now 7 weeks and all is going well weight is slowly moving, body slowly changing and head games a slowly creeping in hehe.
The past couple of weeks have been sooooo busy getting up at anywhere between 4-6am and not getting home till 8-9pm with days that have been GO GO GO! Which has now resulted in a run down Hanni : ( a nice whopper of a cold sore and a bit of a tummy bug YAY! Over this long weekend i have mainly been resting and training and spending time with my Mickey : ) which i am really enjoying it was also nice to catch up with my parents which i haven't in a while.

About 2 weeks ago i went to the INBA Brisbane Titles nothing like a comp to give you goosebumps and desire to get back up on that stage. Was great catching up with friends, cheering on others and be SO proud of Mick getting up there after the most roughest prep ever. He did not make top 3 but he is a winner in my eyes, the discipline, dedication and desire to be up there is amazing he truly inspires me to chase my dreams too : )

I mentioned the head games have started and i think going to this show made me question a few things... What if i put in all this hard work and don't place : ( I know this is probably a normal thought but coming into my last show i didn't even consider placing until the night before when i was chatting with Mick about doing other shows. It freaked me out for a moment till i just stopped thought about it a bit and come to the conclusion as long as i put in all the hard work and bring what i am happy with to the stage i have won. Another head game is of course wanting more food hmmm i think this seems to pop up around TTOM which i am pretty good at recognizing and pulling that evil b*%$ch into line hehe. But also this week being a lil sick im not hugely hungry but just wanting simple things like toast with vegimite and butter lol. It will pass and the stronger i am at not caving into these temptations the better.

Still loving prep i have moments where i ask myself why the hell am i doing this again but at the end of the day my love for this sport over rules : ) My macros have been dropped a little but im still no where near feeling deprived im getting better in the kitchen at playing hehe no master chef but hey i'm the only one that has to eat it LOL!

What's on the agenda for today... Started the day with Combat class for my moderate cardio (Not the best effort due to tummy feeling a lil queasy) and i have a Lower Power session to bang out after luch ( will do my best and take my time where i need to.

Time to head off, wishing you all a great day working towards your goals, hopes and dreams.
Train hard cos..... THE TIME IS NOW!
A snap from 16 Weeks out... (Lot's of work to be done)

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