Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recap of show...2011 Qld Inba State Titles

Wow well it's been and gone!
And this is the first chance i have had since the show to sit down and write about it.
Lets back track.....
Things were really starting to sink in that the show was coming up, i worked that morning and the vibe at work was great cause everyone has been counting down and getting excited with me : ) After work i had weights session to do then it was off with my lil sis to go shopping for all that girly stuff i'm not good at hehe! We got makeup, hair ext, jewelry and it was really nice getting to spend time with her. After hours of walking round grabbing this stuff was time to head home and jump on the bike for a cardio.
I usually have an open shift getting up at 4:00am so it was nice to have a little sleep in! But as per usual i get lost when i am home by myself hehe so i headed off and got my nails done after spending some time trying to put in my hair extensions lol! Then back home organised food and procrastinated (something i have down to a fine art lol) That afternoon i headed into work where i did some circuit training!
Now the nerves were really starting to kick in.. Butterflies in my tummy !! That morning i got up and to a point was dreading my meals for he day they were basically Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peanut butter mmm what a combo lol! First lot of Tan was applied then was time to go do a light circuit and pick my sis and get ready to head to Brisvegas!
Got up there registered then off to where we were staying, while Mick headed off to train at our old favorite gym in Mt Gravatt - Club Bjs, my sister and i had a lil play with hair and how we were going to do it for the day... My idea = Curls... Hmm didn't happen lol but happy with what we did with it i really like to keep it simple anyway! Saturday flew by! I forced myself to try go to sleep at decent time but i just kept waking up!
Show day! Surprisingly i think i got my best sleep early hours of the morning and when my alarm went off i did not really want to get up! First up was a meal Mmm steak and sweet potato :) , Shower... Tan.... Hair... Makeup! Time to roll!
All i remember when we were driving there that i can't believe that it was time i had been wanting to a comp for such a long time and this time i finally got here again WOOHOO... GO ME! I was so glad to have Mick and Sarah with me they were such a great help leading up and supporting me though this journey!
I competed in two categories... Figure International Short class and Figure Intermediate. First up was Figure International which is only judged on symmetry poses. There was 18 girls in this lineup and to be honest i was quite hesitant to do this category but at last minute decided why not more time on stage :) I came 1st!!! Which put me in the lineup for Overall Figure International where i had to go up against the winner of the 40+ Figure International and Figure International Tall class this was bout 10 mins later and still is a lil foggy LOL but i won OVERALL OMG!!!! You should see my trophy it's bloody HUGE i remember nearly falling over with it on stage hehe!
After showing my trophy off to my wonderful supporters it was time to start getting ready again for the next line up. By this stage i was feeling rather flat and exhausted i really wished i had of put my feet up a lil more by the time i stepped on stage for figure intermediate (the category i was mainly doing) i was popped i struggled with posing and just was tired i got 5th out of 12 girls it was a really tough line up and from pics i think i was out muscled and not as lean as the others. I'm still happy with how i placed being my second show... I can't believe how fast the day came and went.
Afterwards i just couldn't wait for a shower. Mick and i headed home and decided to go out for a dinner date it's been a very long year the first half Mick prepped for his show in May and second half its been me, so it was lovely to go out and have a meal together.
So what's next??? Currently prepping for the next show that i am aiming to do in 5 days this will be my first IFBB comp which i am super excited about doing but at the same time scared. After this show i will evaluate on what's next my aim is to take each show as it comes and see how i feel after.. Possibly doing the Universe as well but like i said we will see. One thing at a time!
Well that's it for me started peak weak this week which always makes me a lil nervous... Now time to enjoy the journey... Watch this space... THE TIME IS NOW!

( I tried uploading more pics but i have very little patience lol)

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  1. Wow, well done! You look awesome and that trophy is HUGE!