Monday, June 15, 2009

Having one of those days!

My Monday started off with an Exam at 8.30am! A lil emotional and hungry i trotted on in and did my best, starting to feel lil more comfortable now tackling exams. Anyway my lil traditions is afterwards popping into LJ and buying myself a lil treat..... That is were all came crumbling down trying clothes on, although sizing doesn't mean much, most girls like seeing themselves in a size smaller then what they thought they were : ) But it was the bloody reflection in the mirror!!!! I swear the light just emphasized every lil ugly feature on my body... Not to worry its just made me more motivated to get in the gym and train that jiggle away its a new week right?? Meaning new results by the end!!! Meaning happy me!!! And a step closer to the stage!

 Not so cute when your older......

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