Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back Day

Today is Back day my least favourite muscle group to train but we got to do what we got to do! I find training back a real mental challenge, i guess to a degree i get a lil nervous bout hurting it! But my main focus today will be when i don't wanna do one more rep is to visualize this pic of Pauline and pump out another 5 reps hehe! Training going really god this week body is really feeling full and strong this week not to mention bloody sore but at the end of the day when i have finished whining bout how sore i am its quite satisfying having muscles feeling really worked! Food spot on this week (and im not going to say so far, as thats giving myself options, STAY STRONG) Hope everyone else having a good week ( I LOVE UNI HOLIDAYS) Train hard, eat clean and turn that body into a machine!!


  1. really?! its one of my faves! hehe, we should train together again one day :) that pic is certainly motivating!!!!

  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for your comment. I am going to be competing in the INBA QLD titles and then the ANB a week later :)

    My training did go well thanks, awesome in fact, I will have a sore butt tomorrow, that's for sure! I hope yours went well too. I will enjoy following your journey now too, nice to meet you as well :)

    Kristin xox

  3. I am super excited about my comp - being my first one and all - CAN NOT wait - 2 weeks to go.

    Hope you enjoyed your back weights sess ;)