Saturday, June 6, 2009


Will it seems that treating myself to a massage was just what the doctor ordered hehe and so was the cold that came with it, i'm i  guessing had a few hidden toxins in my tense muscles that were happy to let go when i was all relaxed. It has been very hard to stay motivated with a stuffed up head and achey body but the show must go on! Thank god for my bf he has been great with providing the support and help i need as he has been down this track last year. Cooking my meals and letting me sleep in, talking me thru my food cravings and just believing in me, he is just the best. Have had some great progress this week looking forward to taking some pics in the morning and start watching the changes that way as well. 


  1. hi Hannah, support is so very important in our chosen sport. The food cravings are so hard at times and while my hubby is very supportive, he isnt when it comes to food. He doesnt understand how cravings affect us and drive us bonkers. Nice to "meet" you. look forward to seeing your journey unfold.

    Tara :o)

  2. Hi Hannah :)

    Another newbie, isn it great to have this little community of our!! I see your competeing in Sept. ME TO!! we can stand on stage together and shit ourselves,lol. Are you in Brissi?? I wish my hubby would cook my meals and let me sleep in. Keep up the good work!

  3. HOW EXCITING!! Please dont be scared as shit nothing to be scared about, as far as im concerned the only person Im competeing with is myself. Im mean sure it would be awsome to win and I do want that but hell, Id rather have some good buddies to stand beside! thats what makes it memorable.. well thats what I think anyway we can shit our pants together,lol
    By the way Im studying nursing two!!