Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holiday reflecting!!!

Yes again i have been missing but i have been busy planning, and on my first real overseas holiday which i went on my own :)
I left on May 22nd from Brisbane, a quick stop over in LA and first actual stop for the Trip was New York City. This is where i meet up with another Team Norton member Ebony who i had never met but planned via Facebook/skype, being another fellow Aussie in the big smoke we had a ball from Training in various gyms our Favourite was Bev Frances Power House Gym, we did the tourist stuff, attended the New York Pro and also experienced out very first Broadway show which i must say was still one of my highlights on this trip. I could have spent a month in New York it was great after 5-6 days next stop was Washington DC.
I trained it to Washington and finally arrived at my destination, the hotel i was staying was like a room from a horrer movie lol (I watch way too many scary movies)! Thankfully i was not their for too long! I enjoyed the sight seeing and riding the bike around the city. I was able to enjoy some nice meals i could fit to my macros as i was nice and close to a Whole Foods Supermarket!
From Washington i flew to Mobile, Alabama where Ebony had me there for a few days. We trained, went and viewed a BattleShip and headed to movies. Then our road trip to Clearwater was up next.
We didn't have great weather there but we did get in a good day at the beach and i got roasted ( i never learn) Another cool gym experience we trained Downtown Tampa at The Powerhouse Gym, there was great energy and we also saw Ifbb Pro Erin Stern training amongst the crowd. I can't thank Ebony enough for her hospitality and company and i hope to be able to return the favour next time you are home in Oz :).
The reason this holiday came about was that i was heading to attend Layne Norton's Natural Bodybuilding VIP camp as most know this incredible man is my coach and i was lucky enough to meet him in Australia in April this year, the camp was planned in December 2012 so it was a long time coming and something i was super excited for. I arrived in Tampa on Wednesday June 5th were i also meet up with some other Aussie team members and co. Getting settled in hear the following day we woke to tornado warnings.
Not only this trip was happening at this point in time my partner was about to become a dad, (This is the hard times i was dealing with through my last prep - but we have come through fighting and are stronger then ever) A very overwhelming moment to say the least, thankfully i have had some incredible support leading up and going through all this and this camp was just what i needed to be doing for myself.
There are really no words that describe how amazing the camp was getting to train with pros and experts in the industry left me speechless, also the knowledge these people shared was just mind blowing. I left camp feeling smarter hehe!! I now feel like I'm truly part of the Team Norton Family Layne and Isabel are wonderful people and all the people they brought to us campers were an amazing bunch i can't thank them enough for this opportunity. I still feel like i have post camp blues!!!
Next stop was Miami and everything that went wrong pretty much did not the best trip there but we live and learn i stayed here with a great group of Aussies, Joey, Courtney, Evan and Tom. After our lil adventures there next and final stop for me ... Orlando!
Got to meet up with Paul( from the camp) and his wife Misty and trained at Golds Gym another awesome gym! I attended Disney World which to be honest i was a lil let down by i guess I'm not that big kid i thought i was... Maybe it was the 35 degree heat or the 6hrs and only 3 rides bit.
And today my final day of holiday and i have decided to just put my feet up and hang out!
I have loved my trip the only thing that didn't go to plan was me hitting my macros I'm guessing i have put on 3-4kg which i am really not happy with as i had set a goal of not getting above a certain weight in the offseason and this would put me above that goal. So as of now i have set a goal to hit my macros and see where i am at on Saturday 22nd and Layne and i will decide whether i do a mini cut to get back to that weight again. I will report in next Saturday to see what happens.
Let the journey of balanced offseason body begin!!!!
Thank you for reading!!! xo

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