Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time slips away when you are easily distracted 20 Weeks, 3 shows and Life in between!

Well blogging my journey to the stage 2013.... What the hell happened! I got through week 1 and then..... NOTHING lol so here is a lil recap on my 3rd  journey to the stage!

I started with a 20 week prep and starting weight was my heaviest to date 67kg!
My nutrition and exercise was probably the easiest prep so far i got to the stage eating more, doing less  cardio and the happiest i have felt with how i looked considering all the hiccups i faced along the way!

The hiccups:
At about 17 weeks out i finally took some time off work with my partner to just chill as it had been way to long, we had a great time went to a concert, spent time hanging out on the beach and we also got robbed while we were a sleep at home! 2 laptops a camera and my wallet :( first thing i was mostly worried about was the fact i couldn't track my food on my computer and then i realised 3 years of unsaved photo memories were also gone.... Devastated to say the least! But continued to push through this little challenging time.

Christmas approached fast which made me nervous as my previous preps always ended around christmas and this is where my blow outs usually happened post comp i saw this as a great way to look if i could get through Christmas sticking to the plan i could just about get through any event. It came, i saw i conquered!!!! And i even managed to fit my refeed on Christmas Day :)

Between Xmas and New Year i had some devastating news that involved my partner and has changed my life forever, here we are at about 11/12 weeks out this was when i just wanted to throw everything i was working towards out the window. I think having the focus of my goal to compete was what kept me sane to be honest in this hard time. I had (and continue to have) amazing support from family and friends who without them i don't know how i would have dealt with things the way i have. Also having the support from seeing a councillor previous to this situation arising and then continuing on to see her has also been a major factor for me to be able to keep my head held high. What has happened still is with me to this day and some that a close to us both know about it and im sure as time goes by others will find out about it. But with Mick and i working through it we have become stronger and such an amazing team. (This can all be left yet for another blog i am sure)

Back to the shows.....First up was Fitx in Melbourne :) I had never travelled for a competition before which made me a lil nervous in itself, will i forget something, how will my body respond with a flight? Will i be ready in time, how do i stop stressing?.... the list goes on. But what a great experience it was We arrived on the Thursday and got ourselves to the motel, organised food and then pretty much relaxed. Mick had his very first Men's Physique show on the Friday and we just wanted to be settled and relaxed for that. Getting to see him on stage for that was incredible i was so extremely proud of him to have followed through and make it to the stage with all that he and i were going through. This was the very first time Men's Physique was at an Australian event and we were not sure how the judging was going to go with what thy were looking for, in my eyes (non biased) i though Mick brought an incredible look and that he suits this division very much so. He placed 5th in a line up of 16/18 men.

Saturday was my turn this was my second IFBB show my first in 2011 where i think i placed 4th, i once again competed in Novice short class and i placed 2nd at this huge event. When i look at the pics i feel i was a little fluidy and not as hard as i was hoping to be im not sure if it was a combo of, stress, flight, to much walking around the day before as well as being  hormonal. But i was extremely proud of myself and had a great crowd of friends out there supporting me :) Thanks to all that came and cheered me on. The whole FitX experience was awesome, from the competition to the expo and meeting some of the awesome pros who kindly spent time to chat and encourage me to follow my goals and dreams. I love Melbourne it was a fun filled weekend :)

My second show was a week later here on the Gold Coast The IFBB All Female classic, this was an exciting event to be apart of as it was the first to be held :) after the weekend before i thought i may as well step up into Open class i had now done 4 shows and thought it would only help me see where i kind of stood in an open line up, unfortunately my line up only had 3 competitors including myself where i placed 2nd, still over the moon about this i was happy that i could see i had brought a tighter package to the stage and that was my goal for this show. It two was a great show which was run very well and i made some new friends out of it :) The day after this show i had a blast with a photo shoot with Dallas Olsen i can't wait to purchase some of those pics :)

2 weeks 2 shows and 2 second places i thought what the hell lets just do one more.... this one i planned to do purely for the experience The IFBB Australasian show held in Sydney, where Mick also joined me again in stepping on stage this season. As nervous as i was i took the stage in Open short class again and got totally smoked by the amazing girls on stage with me it was so cool though to be up on stage with new and old friends in the industry and to see just where i need to prove my physique, bring on a thicker, bigger upper body!
Once again i was happy with how i looked i feel each show i came in better and better. Mick was quite unwell on the day and still managed to get up on stage and do an awesome job :) It was an extremely long day for us both but a wicked experience.

I love competing and i already can't wait to do it all again. Thats it for this year though i have a lot of other things coming up which i am looking forward to.

A few people i'd like to give a huge shout out to that helped me get to the stage :)
My coach Layne (and his beautiful wife Isabel) he is always there through the ups and the downs and always believes in me! Thank you.
Mick through the darkest moments and the uncomfortable times you have propt me up and encouraged me to never give up, you have made me a stronger person, Thank you.
My Family - you guys are there for me no matter what... Thank you!
My friends - You guys rock there is just to many of you and I know when you read this you will smile and know who you are :) Thank you
Team Norton - What can i say you guys are frigging UNBELIEVABLE :P Keep up the awesome job Guys!
Nutrition Warehouse - my sponsors who without them i'd not get through my workouts lol! Thanks for your ongoing support and amazing supplements :)
IFBB Australia - for the great opportunities to step on stage at your wonderful shows

And last but not least i'd like to thank MYSELF for never giving up, for picking myself up after i fell and looking deep and believing i can achieve anything i put my mind to!!!

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