Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And so it begins… Season number 4.

The time has come again to prepare for my next lot of comps… and I'm hoping to document my journey along the way. I am currently 23-25weeks out from the shows i am aiming for.
Since i last stepped on stage (March 2013) life has given me a whirl wind of events i've had to deal with that have made me a stronger, happier person and i am grateful for the fight i've put in to get to where i am mentally, physically and emotionally.
I have had a very productive offseason with my training and nutrition, there is always room for improvement but i feel the balance i have found has gotten me to a great spot right now.
My training has been very consistent and i am feeling the strongest ever. My nutrition has been the best in this offseason to date. Since i started competing i have always followed IIFYM in this off season i was able to get my numbers to 145g Protein, 315g Carbs and 78g fat a day roughly a lil over 2500 Cals and keep in mind i did have days i strayed from the plan.
My training consists with:-

Monday : Lower Power
Tuesday : Upper Power
Wednesday: HIIT + arms
Thursday: Back & Shoulder Hypertrophy
Friday : Legs Hypertrophy & HIIT
Saturday: Back, Shoulders &  Chest Hypertrophy
Sunday :HIIT + Arms

 I also teach 4 group fitness classes through the week

25 Weeks Out
Training = Same
Nutrition =
5 Days week -155g Protein, 165g Carbs, 50g Fat
2 days week 140g Protein, 300g Carbs, 55g Fats

Starting weight 65.55kg

Let the journey begin!

A special shout out to my Coach Layne Norton and the Team for constant support and amazing friendships.
A special menton to my sponsor Nutrition Warehouse thank you Grant Mayo and the Team for your help with my supplements all year round and the great friends i have made in this great community.
And to all the awesome people i meet, train, work with at Murwllumbah Fitness thank you for the awesome times and making what i love to do so much better with you all in it.


Start of comp prep 2012/13 vs Now… 1.5kg weight difference!

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